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Being a freelancer and an artist I personally believe that clients' satisfaction is one of the key aspect to a succesful project!
I always try me best to understand first and to execute as well as I can the project I am working on,
so I am really happy to see positive reviews after a work is finished
don Corrado Signori - 5

"The work I commissioned was not easy: it was necessary to read the entire book first, chich is not a novel, but a more complex thing: a sort of simulation of a fantasy world in which you set up role-playing games.

The two main characters, the dragons that stare at eachother in the eyes, are also complex: they appear like animal creatures, reptiles, but they are ancient, intelligent and spiritual, and the drawing succeeded in my opinion to make the impression of their power, of their kingship, and of the depth of their souls.

In addition to this the two dragons (the Antico and the Signora) are deployed on two opposing armies and yet remain bound by an ancient and unchanged love, which is shown by the plastic flight and the two crossing gazes, while the drama that continues to tear the world is evoked by the clouds that partly obscure these two creatures.

The artist was not only able to interpret well what I wanted, but to inspire me further in the enrichment of the characters."

New canvasc2.jpg

"This work was for a friend, to go along with his D&D adventure. The illustrator ran with the initial concept and returned great sketches, to get the overall vision agreed upon. She was very open to the various tweaks we suggested along the way. It was a joy to work with her. And the final drawing is amazing!"

"Outstanding Experience!"

"Wonderful experience!"

"Very happy with the result!"
ETSY - 5

"Arrived earlier than expected and in perfect condition. Looks absolutely fantastic."

"It wasn't too complex which i wanted and the seller made it how i wanted it so thank you"

"Writing with her was really pleasant, the responses were quick and the work delivered was really awesome! Small requests for the picture were sometimes finished in minutes! I can really recommend her ^-^"
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