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Holders and figurines!
I started making dragon figurines with polymer clay as a way to improve my understanding of volumes and poses.
It sure helped me a lot with my drawing and illustrating skills, but it become so much a fun process and the results made me so proud, that I actually continued producing more and more complex statues.

There are two kind of statues available:
- The holders, which are made specifically with intention of have a removable object attached to them (d20, dice set, candle, etc)
and the figurines: these are a single piece and every object included is attached to the body and can not be removed (so the d20s are usually just ornaments and can't be used)

Handsculpted and handpainted dragon statue as a candle holder. This sea dragon was really a challenge as it has a lot of handmade scales


This forest dragon is made with polymer clay and paintied with acrylic inks and chalk pastels after baking! I honestly love the effect of the colours on this one as it resemble the musk effect!


My first ever attempt at a realistic dragon! I really enjoyed the challenge of the bigger proportions and the more detailed pose and as you can see I tried to improve every aspect in the next figurines! All the big ones so far are holders.


This little dragon is a pendant with a d20 dice attached! I loved the concept and I think the final result is really cute!


This little one is a smaller version remake of the big dragon forest!


I loved making this little hoarder' spine as it was a fun way to play with colours and contrast!


One of my first attempt at making two dragons hold one single dice! To this day I love the colours and pose of this little couple!


This was a commission for a present to a d&d player! You can see the d20 dragon holder in his new natural habitat!


This one is probably my favourite epic realistic dragon so far! I love the pose, the colours and the final result! Made with polymer clay and chalk pastels


This little figurine was inspired by the amazing comic "Slack Wyrm" by Josh Wright! This is Ferragus' sister: the Great Gretch


Commission of two specular tiny d20 holders! I really had fun making these two tiny dragons :)


I sometimes love to go back and make some cute little dragon figurine! This little figurine was inspired by having a little children cup lying around


Fun photoshoot I took with the snow and my rainbow pride dragon series :) The series includes both figurines and holders depending on the models.


Business card holder. The turtle is handsculpted using polymerclay and the top section of the shell is a wood branch.

or you can always
Would you like to purchase one my dragon statues?
if you are interested in learning how to make your own dragon with polymer clay,
or if you want to ask me a question, just send me an email and I'll let you know as soon as the tutorial is available!
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